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Original Curious Heart logo

Original Curious Heart logo

Well… not exactly!  But there are still a number of links I keep finding out there to the original site. If you found this site from such a link, and were hoping to find heart health information here, please let me know so I can ask the referring site to delete the link.

I first developed the website back in 1999.  As a cardiac nurse, and as one who enjoyed patient teaching, I developed the site to provide health information about the heart.  It became one of the best places on the Internet to get information about various cardiac illnesses, diagnostic tests and treatments.  The forum and e-mailed questions I received from people outside of the US really opened my eyes about the availability and quality of care in countries with nationalized health care!  I heard from many people who had to wait for months to get a cardiologist appointment for a potentially life-threatening problem.  They turned to a complete stranger on the Internet for medical advice, which I could not give them.  But more about that in another post (rant!) someday! 

By 2002, I was no longer working in a cardiac clinical area and the website updates became less and less frequent. I finally took the site down the following year and have used it just for my e-mail address until recently.

I recently saw that Britney Spears began marketing a Curious Heart perfume a couple of years ago. Maybe instead of just using the domain name for e-mail the last few years, I should have tried to sell it to her! Poor thing–she’s had enough on her mind lately. It looks like the site she did have for the perfume is gone now too.

Curious Heart Perfume

Curious Heart Perfume

So, to sum this post up, if you are looking for heart health info or perfume, I’m sorry to disappoint you!  There is a nice little gift shop in Nashville by the same name that you might like to visit though. 

Hopefully, this solves the mystery of the “missing link”!



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